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Find out how we help redesigning your sourcing and operating models, selecting a new provider for outsourcing, or improving your internal processes for vendor and contract management.

Redefining your service delivery & operating model typically has an internal and external delivery aspect to it. Learn how we can help you decide what the best viable mix of “retained in-house” versus “outsourced” services might be.
Strategic consultancy on Target Operating Models

We lead you through the creation of a Target Operating Model which best fits your company’s strategy.

First, and together with a core team of your organization, we co-create the current baseline and the building blocks of the Current Operating Model. Thereafter, and taking into account your company’s strategy, we build several possible service delivery scenario’s with a specific financial, risk and organizational impact per scenario. Through iterative workshops with your core team we design a Target Operating Model, complemented with a new sourcing strategy and realistic implementation roadmap for the implied services.

Making a new deal with your current vendor or getting a new vendor on-board requires hands-on expertise and domain knowledge. Find out how we complement your teams with sourcing experts from vendor selection to contract signature.
Vendor selection, negotiation and contracting consultancy

We ensure you can rely on the necessary expert resources with proven experience and relevant market expertise: from vendor selection and due diligence, over negotiations and up to the contracting phase of all your outsourcing projects.

Right from the start, our approach is based on collaboration between the customer and suitable providers. Along the way we use our domain and market knowledge to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of working with a possible provider. In the contracting phase, we bring all operational, technical, legal, and tax skills to the table, allowing our customers to implement the most appropriate working relationship with the provider. We ensure that a clear governance model, the appropriate relationship management processes and necessary reporting obligations for all parties involved are implemented.

Faced with more and more reliance on external providers, business partnerships and professional relationships, companies experience a challenge in ensuring appropriate vendor and contract management. Discover how our approach on implementing a Vendor Management Office will deliver decision-making oversights to executives.

Vendor Management Office

We conceptualise your vendor management process, and work together to improve it and ensure that all stakeholders are instructed on the process, for one business domain or across your entire company.

Our Vendor Management Office approach brings a process framework that allows you to install a clear and consistent Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) approach within one business domain (e.g. IT) or across the entire organisation. We have developed a vendor and contract management blue-print that defines roles & accountabilities, processes and clear outputs for managing vendors, external partnerships and (outsourcing) contracts with all parties involved. Our Vendor Management Office is a role-based framework for Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) processes related stakeholders like relationship & contract owners, procurement, legal, security, risk and compliance management.

Assessing the quality and health of your vendor relationships and contract portfolio can be challenging. Learn how we make sure that you are assessing “the right things” as well as identifying and keeping track of areas for improvement per vendor and per contract.


We embed the Vendor Management Office process through a comprehensive, stand-alone and template-based SaaS solution for Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).

Our SourcingCockpit tool provides valuable insights in your vendor and contract portfolio and puts you in the driver’s seat. It allows you to self-assess your vendors, external partnerships and (outsourcing) contracts and uses an efficient and transparent role-based workflow projecting relevant criteria and indicators. The dashboards visualize your contracts in multiple areas of expertise, revealing their strengths and weaknesses. Take control and have your key stakeholders set improvement actions, collaborate in the vendor management process and initiate appropriate quality assurance & health self-assessments. The SourcingCockpit: transform data into information, and information into insights with template based Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) processes.


Why do certain vendor relationships not bring the value you were expecting? Find out how we help to track down root causes of misalignments in your client – vendor relationship, and initiate the improvement.
360-degree partnership alignment

Our 360-degree assessment approach helps to diagnose client – vendor collaborations and how to improve.

Our 360-degree partnership alignment service starts with the identification of your goals to achieve with your vendor. Taking into account these goals and the scope of services delivered, we build up an online questionnaire based on our template library. After collecting the information from both the client organisation and the vendor, we analyse the data, create an insight report and perform the collaboration workshops with the teams. Finally, we guide you and your vendor through the change by coaching both sides of the relationship towards a collaborative relationship.

Realizing a new Target Operating Model with vendors comes with adaptation of your organization, people, roles, responsibilities and new demand-supply management processes. Discover how our services contribute in realising the change.
Change implementation

We deliver you the right subject matter experts, acting as a true ‘change enabler’, supported with proven methods, frameworks, templates and accelerators to drive the change in your organisation.

Shifting your service delivery model from an internal organization to working with one or more external service providers requires significant changes in required skills, roles to assume, responsibilities to execute and demand-supply management processes to drive. Our change implementation approach is based on our proven tools & demand-supply models together with the deep experience of our team. We offer a mixed skillset of professionals with experience in delivery organizations (demand-side) as well as in service provider companies (supply-side). Successes in change come from building a well-defined stepped approach, starting small, testing it, validating the outcome and then progressively building upon it.